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This is a compilation of my daily FB gratefulness posts for November.thankful

Day 1 – Christopher spoils me rotten and I am so grateful for his consistent care, making me laugh, always expecting the best of me and putting up with my moods. I am very grateful that the wonderful man I love loves me!

Day 2 – I never expected to live with a cat. Frankly I was not only very allergic but terrified of them….then Sakai wormed his way into my heart…now he is worth all the medicine I take to deal with petting him!

Day 3 – I am thankful for my little corner at the North Andover Library…..a perfect place to read and hide from the world while I recharge!

Day 4 – Root beer italian ice can solve (or make me forget about) most of my problems for a while. (I bet you thought I was gonna say chocolate smile emoticon )

Day 5 – I am so thankful that in 1963 my Grandpa Jack bought a beach house in Point Lookout NY…..and that my grandparents hosted us every summer. It was a wonderful place to be. On a barrier island off Long Island, the entire town (4×11 streets) is still magical and a bit of heaven on earth. My Aunt Jean has retired there so getting to visit occasionally is wonderful!

Day 6 – I am not grateful for just one pair of shoes….but many. I am so happy that (on most days) I can get normal shoes on my feet….for a very long time after my surgery that was not even remotely possible. I have changed sizes and I really miss my Bandalino high heels but, if I have to wear flats for the rest of my life I will still be thankful that I can wear shoes again. And walk.

Day 7 – Baking. I am so grateful I have a talent for baking. It is mostly self-taught and I don’t do it often anymore but makes so many folks happy to enjoy the goodies I create I ought to do it more……

Day 8 – There is a tiny Thai restaurant in Middleton that is our cozy regular “date night” place….not expensive but just right!

Day 9 – I know it is crazy to be grateful for FaceBook.  That said, I am grateful that using the site has made it easy to reconnect with family and friends I don’t see often because we are far apart or have just let our lives become too busy.

Day 10 – Early mornings are so productive. Before the world intrudes with ringing phones, stressed clients and demanding email I get so much done — sometimes it is domestic but often it is just quiet time alone with my cup of tea. I am so thankful for that time.

Day 11 – Each year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving was The Degnan Family Reunion…..I miss this tradition of my childhood. I got to know cousins I may never have met otherwise, heard stories from the older generation and watched friendships be renewed. What do you thinkAgnes McCaffery, Brian McCaffery, Mary Alice Drewer, Catherine O’Malley, Maggie Geoghan Sullivan, Daniel Geoghan and other cousins I may not be connected to? I am willing to help create a party in 2016.

Day 12 – I admit it, I am lazy. I am also old enough to remember getting off my lazy duff to change the channel/adjust the volume on the TV or turn the ceiling fan on. I truly enjoy using remote controls to let me be lazy!

Day 13 – I have 2 orange-ish vases I see every day — they were my Grandma Lil’s (I think they were wedding presents) and while the vases are nothing very special or valuable antiques, I am grateful to have them…they remind me how important family is, and how wonderful my family is, every time I see them.

Day 14 – Recently I bought a red dress. I am not one to wear red dresses. Too flashy for this woman who is usually hides in black. I know it is a silly thing to be grateful for but what I am really so grateful for the confidence and polish this dress gives me….clothes make the woman?

Day 15 – As long, painful and horrible as it has been, I am in someways thankful for the stupid injury to my leg. It has made me more empathetic,and showed me that some of my friends (people who I never would have expected), rallied for me and took wonderful care of me when I needed it most. I really had no idea how sick I was. Thank you especially Wendy​, Anita​, Linda​, Scott​ and to Lea​ for lending her husband!

Day 16 – I am so grateful that my orange cakes (usually in the form of cupcakes) have not only gotten great reviews but, they have been a regular contribution to charity events. They are a simple way to make people smile. No, I will not share my secret ingredients.

Day 17 – Not far from my home there is a orchard/farm store that always has interesting goodies….from fresh eggs (they have chickens) specialty honeys, fruit and veggies that were picked that day……yum.

Day 18 – What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? (yes, this quote is on my fridge)

Day 19 – This summer and fall I spent months searching for a dress for a family wedding.  Friends helped and I found something that made me totally comfortable, looked beautiful and made my love give me “that” look….I am so happy I found it.

Day 20 – A simple  magnet has has traveled the world and been on the fridge in a every home I have lived in for years, .  I would never buy it for myself. Ever.  But, my father went on a trip years ago and, when he came home he had that for me. Every time I see it, I think of him and smile. I think he would be happy with the path I am on.

Day 21 – A disappointment. Hmmmmm.  I never thought that I would have a marriage fail. It was ingrained in me as a child that divorce was not acceptable.  I am so grateful for the many things I learned from my marriage and even more for the things I learned from my divorce. But the strength I found as I recovered from that  divorce has helped prepare me be ready for the joy I have today.

Day 22 – I can not cite one book……It is my lifelong love of books that has helped me learn about the world, sparked my interest in all sorts of subjects, provided an escape from reality for a few hours, shielded me from strangers in public places. I hope my reading to my favorite children helped spark the same love of books.

Day 23 – I am grateful I KNOW that I am sheltered, warm, safe and loved.

Day 24 – There is a photo of me taken on a cold day (I am all bundled up) at the beach  in Point Lookout.  I was probably 2 or 3.  You can tell from my smile that even then I knew my happy place would be there.

Day 25 – I spoil my self. I know that in my professional life I need a regular manicure.  Occasionally I treat myself to a professional pedicure.  Ahhhhh

Day 26 – Blankfest…..Kenn Rowell and the Bagdadios (with the critical help of other friends and bands) do a wonderful job bringing blankets to the people living on the streets on NYC. one night each year. I wish I lived closer to help them.

Day 27 – A song that was important to me at a very difficult time in my life was Sara Evans’ Cheatin’……..I blared it a dozen times a day.  Even though I felt alone, the anger gave me strength.  These days a more realistic and hopeful Sunshine On My Shoulders (John Denver) fits better.

Day 28 – Just before he died my father gave me a lovely starfish pin and some great advice.  It took many years before I understood and believed the advice….the pin is beautiful and a great reminder.

Day 29 – Soft and squishy, a loosely woven grey throw blanket that I have had for years is a favorite…of mine and the cat.  It is a silly thing to me grateful for but its warmth and comfort are reliable even when (as happens) my little world is chaotic.  Now if the cat ever lets me have it without him coming along for a cuddle too…….

Day 30 – What am I most thankful for????? Hmmmm. I am lucky to have been raised in a family that had lots of wonderful people who stepped in to help my dad guide me, allowed me to be independent, expected me to do my best, was there when I fell and celebrates my successes.

Time to stay very grateful

I have not written for so long… least not for fun. But fun is starting to come back into my life and I want to share it. For now fun is books, movies, going out for meals with friends. Soon it will also be walks in the woods, travel, and other simple adventures! Maybe even Point Lookout????

It still drives me crazy to not be able to do all I want when I want but, then I realize that I can do so much more than I could do 2 years ago…..I have given up my wheelchair, walker and occasionally even my cane indoors. I can often use the stairs at my house instead of always being totally dependent on the elevator. My life still often revolves around my injury and I still have to plan around it but, slowly it is becoming more manageable. Hard to believe that one injury can change your life for so long.

While I have an office, these days I still do most of my work in my dining room. My clients are all referrals or repeat business. While still limited in what I can do, I have been writing more for work and even go to court occasionally!

Time to stay very grateful for all the wonderful people who have gotten me here…medical pros, family, friends and colleagues!

PS: Yes, I am still madly in love….and so is Christopher. Snapshot_20140427_2

Here it comes

Here it comes.

Here it comes

Columbus Day.  The leaves have turned and it is cold and icky….I think we have seen the last possibility of Indian Summen and winter is on the way. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting lots of cold and snow.  Brrrrrr. Where did the nice weather go?

The holiday weekend has had high points…..on Saturday we went to a gallery opening for my friend Rod on the cape.  Last night our first dinner guest joined us for to what I have always thought of as a winter dish — a wonderful prime rib.

This morning I worked from the couch for a bit but generally it has been a lazy TV watching day. Another medical appointment will keep me busy tomorrow. A 3 day work week….. I guess this means that I need to get my tush in gear on Wednesday….before a friend arrives to play and see On The Town next weekend!

All moved….getting settled

We moved from Lynn, MA to North Andover, MA a few weeks ago. It is a different world. While I grew up out this way, I had forgotten how much it “fits” me. While I miss the old ‘hood’s cultural diversity, the local bakery, and my friends (we all have cars and it is not that far) I do not miss the potholes, congestion, traffic or the constant feeling that danger is around the corner. My handsome boyfriend is seriously looking for a job and in the meantime spoiling me rotten. The dogs have settled in to their new routine. I am starting to go to the office 1-2X a week and love living under 10 miles from the office.

Now to hang pictures and stop being surrounded by boxes!

What could be better?

What could be better?.

What could be better?

I sit listening to to sounds of someone hammering outside and August snoring at my feet. Very hot and sticky out, a fierce storm is apparently on its way. Many Independence Day activities have been moved up to today (July 3) but after the storm, a glorious weekend is promised.

It will soon be time to pour the iced tea and fire up the grill. Isn’t this what life is about? We all have our stresses and worries but, what could be better than a chance to relax and enjoy summer and the people we love who are with us today? Have a happy Holiday…..and a wonderful summer!

finally Spring?

This was a long harsh winter followed by a cold and gray spring. The blankets are still on my bed and I have seen very few flowers. This morning the sun has the sparkling sky to itself, the ocean breeze is lovely and the trees and grass are green. It is only in the 50s so this may not last but I will enjoy it while I can. Spring is usually my favorite time of year. While Spring 2014 has not lived up to my hopes for it, there will be no more snow or ice and the long warm days of summer are not far away. In a short time the heat of summer will be here and I imagine that we will all be begging for a cool breeze.

My love has had some progress in his job hunt, my family seems like they are getting healthy, the bit of work I can do is becoming fun again, I am writing again and I have been hearing from friends I have missed lately….. Lots of things to be grateful — no, JOYFUL for today.

Writing to resume…..or She’s Baaaaaack!

This has been a really rough year…..but it is rapidly getting better and I am finding a new normal.  Last June (2013) I was severely injured while getting gas for my car.  I don’t think I have ever been this sick.  I have not done much writing this year – getting better has taken most of my energy.

But with the bad comes the good.  After a particularly cold and harsh winter, Spring has finally arrived in New England.  My sister Cathy seems to finally be on the mend. My family has hit some important milestones. I have opened my new office in Methuen (but am still not there often.) After 2 years of being a couple, my partner has moved here from the south – he is taking amazing care of me (and yes, I am as madly and disgustingly in love with him as he is with me.) I realized that I have some wonderful friends and the help of friends and family made a huge difference in my life this year. 

After a year of not being totally sure I would walk again, I am like a Weeble…I wobble but don’t (usually) fall down.It is going to take a very long time but I am getting better…..if only I could learn to be patient with myself.  I am hoping to walk unassisted by Christmas but for now, my cane (or walker) will have to do.

I have been just starting to work a bit…..I never knew I would be so desperate to be working just to remind myself that I can and am kinda good at it.

Spring 2014 may be the beginning of a wonderful period in my life!


we must never forget

we must never forget.